Sozo Wellness is a management service organization (MSO) for health care specific, administrative, and management engines that provide a host of administrative and management functions. We specialize in promoting safe and healthy places of business through biometric screening, training and comprehensive wellness programming.
We Provide:
Fitness and healthcare programs to sports clubs and organizations

Our team of world renowned physicians have created IP fitness programs which include licensing for BarMetrix, HitTrax, Mental Performance, Physical Therapy, Sports Nutrition, Family Medicine, and more. We also offer our health and fitness platform to the MLB and MLBPA joint initiative for disadvantage youth programs domestically.

Safety protocols and protection from viruses and infectious diseases

COVID-19 has largely effected businesses as they have been forced to shut down and lay off workers. We provide the tools and protocols businesses need to reopen safely. Sozo Protect is an advanced hygiene and barrier solution, designed for use around the T-zone (eyes, nose, and mouth). Our Sozo Door System is equipped with a temperature reader, UV light, and Sozo Protect solution dispenser. The door mitigates risk of contagion from diseases caused by viruses of all kinds in highly traveled places of business.


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